The Significance of Bio FUT+FUE Hair Transplant

The hair transplant procedure is scientifically categorised into two categories, namely, the FUT and the FUE hair transplant. The hair transplant surgery involves the transferring of hair roots or the follicular units via the process of extraction either done by the FUT or through the FUE technique. The hair transplant surgery is a dual action of the process in which one side the roots are extracted and another same is transplanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp. The transplantation procedure requires enough donor area that provides the live hair follicles/root to make the restoration procedure completed and thus it has a significant role in the hair transplant in Delhi. Nowadays, some of the reputed hair transplant clinics offer the bio-effective FUT, FUE as well as the FUT+FUE technique that literally weighs a bit higher price and so influences the hair transplant cost in Delhi.

Before describing anything in Detail, it is important to know how the procedure of the technique becomes the Bio FUT+FUE Hair Transplant discussed below:
The injection of PRP, an acronym of the platelet-rich plasma is allowed with the hair transplant surgery to make the procedural effect more successful in terms of boosting the hair regrowth as well as inducing the prompt healing process. The hair transplant surgery is such a natural plastic & cosmetic surgery in which patient’s own hair roots are taken from his body or scalp to fulfil the need for the hair restoration. However, it is the technique to implant the natural grafts into the recipient balding part of the scalp and thus a patient receives the original characteristic of hair roots despite being transplanted into another location on the scalp. When the technique of hair transplant is performed along with the PRP injection, it is known as a Bio-effective hair transplant and then the technique is whether FUT or FUE called as the Bio-FUT or the Bio-FUE hair transplant. 

What is Bio-FUT Hair Transplant?
The Bio-FUT hair transplant is the strip method of the hair transplant procedure in which PRP injection is given along with the technique and the rest of the steps become all safe to perform the procedure. The incision is made and the areas of the harvesting are later closed with the advanced closure technique known as the Trichophytic closure. The growth gets faster and healing becomes shorter helps in meeting the desired aesthetic goal of the surgery and accelerates the outcomes in the context of treating the unresponsive injuries, accelerating the hair regrowth as well as promoting the growth process faster with retaining the natural characteristics of hair roots. 

What is Bio-FUE Hair Transplant?
Likewise the Bio-FUT hair transplant the PRP can also be allowed with the FUE hair transplant and make the technique a bio-effective procedure. The PRP injection is allowed to do the same as they do in the FUT hair transplant and accelerates the healing process. The Bio-FUE hair transplant is getting very popular these days due to the strength of giving the best results, however, it is applicable to boost the growth. 

The Bio-FUT+FUE Hair Transplant:
The Bio-FUT+FUE hair transplant is generally termed as the Mega/Giga session of the hair transplant in which the surgeon can able to extract a number of hair roots in a single session even with a weaker donor area. This is the combined technique of the procedure in which the procedure length can be extended with respect to extracting the number of grafts and thus effectively fulfils the goal of the hair transplant surgery. Again, the PRP-injection is recommended to influence the outcome and one can receive a number of grafts in a single session. The reputed and recognized clinics offer the facility of getting the advantage of the Bio-effective hair transplant at a modest cost option to help the clients/patients to receive the benefits of cosmetic surgery. 

The Role of PRP in the FUT+FUE Hair Transplant is jotted down below:
·       Promote hair regrowth
·       Stop further hair loss
·       Accelerates the prompt healing process
·       Treat the unresponsive injuries.

On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant gives the best outcomes when it is performed with the right planning, evaluation and the sense of aesthetic skills and understanding that all together helps in achieving the best cosmetic goal of the hair transplant surgery.

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