Natural Tips for Hair loss Prevention which also help to get healthy and shiny Hair

Food play an important role to get healthy and shiny hair and also help to restict hair loss so that you can be more confident and look beautiful.

Below are some foods -

1. Eggs, Fish and Beans – As we all know that hair is primarily made of protein so we should take such types of food that are high in protein.

2. RaisinsIron play a vital role in producing haemoglobin, a part of blood carries the oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. Raisins give your body the Iron which maintain the healthy rate of haemoglobin the results of this is your scalp get good flow of blood which is a key factor of regular hair growth.

3. Sea Foods – A study says that in men a lack of zinc can be a factor of hair loss. Zinc plays an important role in cell reproduction which grant hormonal balance to body. Zinc also control the glands which is connected to the hair follicles. So we have to maintain a proper ratio of zinc in our body, sea foods are full of zinc but one thing we have to keep in mind while having the sea food that too much zinc can also leads to hair fall.

4. Sweet Potatoes – The growth of hair and tissues is managed by vitamin A Potato's have large amount of beta-carotene’s which latterly converted into vitamin A by human body.

Natural herb are also very helpful in hair loss prevention because natural herbal rinses are nourishing for the scalp.

Below are some Herbs -

1. Aloe-Vera – Aloe-Vera is very much helpful in hair growth. Apply aloe-Vera gel on your scalp and leave it for 1.5 to 2 hours then rinse it. It will surely helpful in controlling hair fall and also enhance the  hair growth.

2. Rosemary – it activates the follicles which encourage new hair to regrow. The use of rosemary oil on your scalp can help you to avoid hair fall.

3. Henna Powder – This is very popular in India for it's natural values. Henna powder help by sixing and sealing the cuticle, which protect hair against hair loss and damage of shine. People use this in India for dandruff treatment.

4. Neem - It has anti-bacteria properties that are helpful in dandruff-prone scalp. It is also helpful in stimulating the blood circulation on the scalp. The oil of neem is helpful in premature greying and thinning hair as well. 

5. Green Tea - This is helpful in hair loss prevention and weight loss as well.


We also need to change our lifestyle a little in order to prevent hair loss.

Below are some Lifestyle Changes Tips -

Avoid Junk food – Aside from causing different problems like diabetes and heart disease,these foods create chemical imbalance in body which impair hair regrowth. Avoiding these junk food all of a sudden is not easy for a person who is very much use to it but you have to take a strict action against junk food for your hair.

Massage your Scalp – You should give a hot oil massage to your scalp for at least 1 hour. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, or amla oil for the same.

General Hair Care – You should avoid hot water baths when washing hair. Another thing you should keep in mind is not to comb the hair right after the bath. You should also avoid to indulging in various hair styling. 

Try Yoga meditation activities – These activities are capable in managing your stress as we all know that stress can also be responsible for hair loss.

Avoid over Washing – We need washing of hair to get rid of pollution and dirt but we should avoid over washing as it may take away the natural oils and damage your hair.

Shampoo – you should choose the suitable shampoo which helps your hair become stronger and shinier. Continuous change of shampoo may also cause of hair loss.




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