Monday, 7 November 2016

College girls are pretty aware about their essentials; they just can’t miss to give their best shot on every public appearance. And that time is gone when what all matters is just your pretty dress. Now the whole ensemble has to be on top notch. Well, are you sure that you are that gorgeous diva???

College girls backpacks are not just to put your cosmetic products, books & lot many other things girls like to carry. They have revamped and became a requisite stuff of your overall personality. Backpack is just not any ordinary bag; they talk about the holder’s persona. Whenever you make any public appearance or go out on any trip with your friends, the first thing you make out is your backpack to be your ideal companion. So, how can you compromise on that??? Well, no need to make concessions on this; look for high comfort and extra-high appeal when it comes to grab eyeballs. For all of us, backpack is just a product to put your stuff in but for serious fashionistas, it’s a matter of concern. You want to know why, find out here!!!

Let’s get to know about some really good traits of backpacks and keep them in mind when you go to grab your next – 

Unveil Your Cool Side

Isn’t that true???

Some unique kind of cool attitude intervenes when you are a holder of classy backpack. You actually feel like as you are the most carefree and chill out person of this planet. Well, who doesn’t want to feel that way???

Bring Some Exceptional Confidence

Confidence – which is something really matters. Be a college student, professor or any professional, you can’t keep your precious image at stake due to lack of confidence. Girls, you don’t need to worry at all. Online backpacks for girls are looking out for you to make your day!!!

Feel Like A Wanderer

Yes, this is something every woman in the world wants to feel. After all, this feeling makes you feel like a bird that can actually fly. Jokes apart; but yes, backpacks can bring that wanderer feeling in you on any casual day & can even make any ordinary day a special one.

Comfort At Par

Enjoying comfort at most while carrying all your essentials is not every bag’s potential. Only classy backpacks can bring you that feeling. Who doesn’t want to indulge into that amazing sensation???

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Is your wedding date coming up? Then you must be worried about how to start your wedding shopping. You should always start it with your wedding dress as that is the most important part, which is going to make the bride look elegant. Lehengas have become really common these days in the weddings, people of some places, try them in their wedding reception parties. But when it is a north Indian wedding, Lehengas are the bridal dress. The wedding is incomplete without this outfit. So, you need to be very careful while choosing one.

Hourglass figure

If you are having that perfect figure, then you are definitely blessed before girls are really crazy for such figure. You can choose an A line style Lehenga. You can choose some soft and flowy fabric for looking just perfect. In fact, brides with this figure can choose any kind of Lehenga.

Brides with no weight
Some girls eat so many calories daily but they do not put on weight at all. You are so lucky girl. And when it comes to selecting a wedding designer Lehenga, choose something with lots of flare and you are going to get that look that you wanted.

Curvy shape

Now, you have the perfect curves and do not even think of dieting any more. That can make your facial looks dull. So, just pick the perfect wedding designer Lehenga for you and you can try the fish cut style. You are going to look your best in this style of Lehenga for sure.

Dusky beauties
If you are a dusky beauty, then you need not have to worry too much about what to choose and which color to choose. Play with shades of maroon and that is going to make you look extra elegant on your wedding day. This color brings out the natural glow in your face.

Too fair skin tone
When you are having too much fair skin, then you can play with shades of Pink and Red. They are in fact the perfect colors for a wedding that every woman would love to pick up for their wedding. Pick some Red Georgette Lehenga for your wedding if you are fair.

Average Skin tone
Women with curves and with average skin tone are the most blessed brides before they can choose anything they like. Yes, if you are having average skin tone, then you can pick that you love because both darker and lighter shades look FAB on you.

Tall brides
If you are a tall bride, then choose some Georgette Lehenga which is having long choli. This is going to enhance the look. You are going to enjoy a different style which is not possible for the short brides.

Short brides

When you are too short, instead of getting worried about how to manage with those extra heels, you can choose some extra long Lehengas which can cover your height and make you look WOW. But make sure that the choli is just the normal length and not long.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Candles add a unique style and character to a space; when lit on a dark night, nothing else is more beautiful. And, when it is about decorating your home with these mesmerizing flames, it would be best to pair them up with tranquilizing tea light holders. Not only are these holders functional but also aesthetic value to the decor.

From small to tall and etched to mosaic, these holders are available in large varieties. Not only for your home, but these holders make a great gifting option to a friend or a loved one.

Your functions and festivities can be made more special by adding tea light candles with beautiful stands. Whether it is a simple dinner with your folks or a grand wedding reception, these candle holders can add to the charm of your interiors. They can also be a great addition when looking forward to have a romantic time with your better half.  Just imagine how mesmerizing it would be to spend time together in the shimmering light.

In case you are not sure about where to use these candle holders, then here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

• Use them anywhere in your house - bedside tables, cabinets in the living area, windows in the kitchen, corners of your bath area, the centre of your dining table, etc. How about placing a few tea lights holders with flickering flames around your Jacuzzi bath?

• You can even create aromatic vibes in the outdoors by using these candles and holders on the coffee table in your garden, at the entrance of your home, etc. Not only you but your guest would be happy to see such a welcoming expression.

When trying to purchase tea light candle holders, the best approach is to explore the online market as there are numerous opportunities to make your choice. Coming across a wide range of products would help you choose according to your specific taste, style and need. Start browsing today and pick the perfect piece for that much needed ambience at your home. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

When summer is knocking at the door bar, you can't stop waiting and torturing yourself under horrid  degree celsius. It's better to take an intricate care of oneself. And it is not possible without taking proper precautions while selecting clothes. In India, people are more tend towards ethnic wears and we should proud that Indian ethnic wear proffer ultimate comfort to its wearer. In a country like India, where sun showers its boiling warmth in full spirit, ethnic wear such as salwar suits present much needed comfort to the women of India.

So here we have 3 best-choosen types of salwar suits which are like your BFF during the summers. Scroll down and enjoy some sunny hues with interesting patterns and designs.

Patiala Suit

Originated in Punjab, Patiala suits are the best picks during summers. They consist loose salwars and medium fitted kurtis. With awesome and ten plus pleats, Patiala suits are the most loved salwar suits  of Northern women. Not only in North India, but they are worn by every women of different regions in India. Buy online suits and pair them with kundan jewellery or keep it simple.

Cotton Salwar Suits

Cotton is the fabulous saviour during summers. They are skin friendly, soft to touch, helps in breathability. This is why cotton salwar suits are most preferable during hot weather in India. Buy online cotton suits and try to keep the whole thing simple and intact. Because lesser seems elegant and quite subtle in summers. Try light colours and long cotton suits with palazzo pants.

Georgette Salwar Suits

Well, every fashion lover lady loves salwar suits as their daily wear. And georgette made salwar suits are the most comfy pieces during hot breezes. Georgette salwar suits cling well to the body and are extremely flowy and thus allows entire air permissibility through the pores. They are available in floral prints, aztec art, abstract prints and many other designs. Try subtle hues or colours and short georgette suits with cigarette pants.

As you have a list of exquisite salwar suits, pick your own style and flaunt among peers who worth your fashion statement. Go on girl...

Friday, 20 May 2016

Gone are the days of touring a place like the typical tourists do, booking a hotel and visit the attractions of the place which are listed in your travel itinerary only. Enter, Airbnb stays! This concept has made it feasible for you to stay with local people, experience neighborhood lifestyle and society, meet fascinating new individuals, yet stay with all the extravagance that a luxurious hotel or resort commonly offers. Moreover, with Airbnb stays, you even have a chance to save in some bucks. What could possibly be more alluring than this!

For your next outing, here are some of the most idyllic Airbnb stays that you can consider to not only explore the place fully, but also feel like home, with a lodging to suit your taste, and something that goes easy on your pocket. No more hunting for those typical Goa tour packages anymore. Such a passè!

1.     La Belle Vie, Nainital

La Belle Vie means the great life. This comfortable wooden house arranged in the pristine hills of Nainital, Uttarakhand, is concealed amidst a luscious timberland. La Belle Vie is only a 100 meters from the Naukuchiatal Lake and its proximity to Mahindra excursions makes it a perfect stay for families with children. Being an architect and interior decorator herself, the hostess has designed the property tastefully. Stone insides and the swiss cottage feel make it an extraordinary homestay to spend your vacations.

2.  Himalayan Home above Vashishth, Manali

At an altitude of  2000 m and encompassed by rich, green valleys, waterfalls and snow topped mountains touching the sky, sits this lovely stone and-wood bungalow. The range near Manali, known as 'The Valley of the Gods' ascents consistently past the house to a cold mountain stretch from where Ladakh can be reached. This remarkable property is a 40 minute stroll up a precarious way through apple plantations and past spurting waterfalls. On the off chance that you are somebody who likes to spend time in tranquility in the hills, unwinding or doing little treks, then this spot is your paradise.

3. Gorgeous Country Villa, North Goa

This 1700 sqft advanced countryside manor settled in an ideal North Goan town of Siolim has its own pool for you to take that rejuvenating plunge into. Experience complete peacefulness and euphoria in this past Portuguese state as you wander the casuarina pines and splendid palm trees, loaded with ready to pluck green coconuts. Ride the riverboat and go angling along the beautiful Chapora stream from here.  

4. Luxurious Stay near Taj Mahal, Agra

This latest addition to Airbnb stays is a new vivid cottage style home stay located in lavish green surroundings. Hardly a six minute walk from the Taj Mahal, the house is a Bird's Haven with more than 100 types of Birds recorded in its environs. Proprietors being enthusiastic naturalists would love to go with you to The Taj Nature Walk with the The Taj Mahal in the backdrop. Want more? Well, you even get golf carts on request to visit the Taj Mahal. Sorted!

5. Mount Chalet, Kodaikanal

The Mount Chalet in Kodaikanal is an extravagant homestay in Kodaikanal, encompassed by blundering mountain scopes of the western ghats. Offers a perspective of the ghats along with a host of recreational facilities such as, pool table, exercise center, home theater, jacuzzi showers, steam and sauna, table tennis, badminton, and BBQ!! Additionally there is also a bonfire and an indoor chimney in the lower deck of this chalet.

With such amazing homestays at your disposal, do you still plan to go the conventional way, and play all touristy like in the times of our parents and grandparents? These Airbnb stays, and the tariff of each surely can motivate even the most laziest person to pack their bags, and hit the road! Have a great time.