Rugs: Treat Your Feet with Comfort and Warmth

Throughout history, from the Pazyryk rug (the oldest rug in the world, dated around 5th century BC) to the  elegance of Persian rugs to modern abstract designs, we humans have been making the ground under our feet alluring with rugs and carpets for centuries. Irrespective of their shape and material, they add a sense of comfort and warmth to the atmosphere. And modern day primitive rugs and country rugs still maintain a touch of tradition and culture.

ultra durable rug

Rugs are a great way to connect ourselves with the artistry of our home. They magnify the grace of the space. Rugs complement your personality and are a way to show your decor taste and style.

Braided rugs and area rugs are chosen most frequently these days. If you want to add a feeling of antiquity to your room, primitive rugs are perfect for you. You can also opt for various types of rug materials like wool, acrylic, silk, natural fiber, hair-on-hide, or synthetic pieces.

Rugs have become a style statement. With the popularity of  rugs as an essential piece of  home décor, there has been a modernization in rug manufacturing. Now they are widely available in various sizes and colors. Natural as well as synthetic dyes are used for making the variations in the hues and shades of the rugs.

Either single or blended natural and synthetic fibers are used for the production of rugs. Variation in the fabrication of the rugs is responsible for the difference in the durability, appearance, cost, and ease of manufacturing them.

Braided rugs: long pieces of fabric or yarn are intertwined and sewn together to make braided rugs. High durability and an affordable range of braided rugs make them one of the most popular products.

Area rugs: usually made up of wool, cotton, jute, nylon, and polyester; these rugs add softness to any room and complete the ambiance.

Country rugs: these rugs are woven using silk, wool, or cotton. They channel a rustic charm and are often inspired by natural and soft colors which create a cozy and inviting environment.

Synthetic rugs: olefin, polyester, nylon, acrylic, or a fusion of these fibers is weaved tightly using a loom machine. They are widely used now because of their resistance to wear and tear and stains.

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