How to Eliminate Skin Tags Naturally

Skin tags are known as akind of harmless skin growth which looks like a small skin flap. They are known medically as acrochordons with skin colored or slightly darker and can appear on any part of your body even face. For cosmetic reasons, some people want to eliminate them immediately though they are quite benign and most doctors advise to leave them alone.

Why do people get skin tags?
Skin tags can occur on both men, women at any time but later in life, especially from around 50 years of age and sometimes even on children. They more usually appear on the eyelids, in the under arms, at the bottom of the neck, under the breasts or in the fold of the buttocks’ skin. In general, it is thought that the main cause of skin tags is skin rubbing against the skin or clothes rubbing against the skin. However, most of the people believe that skin tags’ appearance is due to the imbalance in hormone levels so that’s why pregnant women seem to be more sensitive to skin tags’ development. For any reasons, a lot of people definitely want to know safe tips to eliminate them at home fast and this article will reveal the best ways to enable you to look so much better as well as feel more confident in short time.

1. Tea tree oil
This oil is an effective way to get rid of skin tags out of your body and it is also well known for its antiviral, antibacterial as well as anti fungal properties. For using tea tree oil, you need to clean the affected areas and the surrounding with warm water first and leave it dry. And then, you just have to soakone cotton ball with clean water, put three drops of tea oil onto the ball and gently apply it on skin tags a few times per day. A few weeks later, these skin tags will dry up, change color then fall off and disappear due to dryness.

2. Using apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is also another effective way to treat skin tags problem completely. All you have to is quite simple. Take one cotton ball and then dip it in apple cider vinegar. Apply this cotton ball on your skin tag and hold for a few minutes. In order to increase absorption, you can move the ball in a circular motion and repeat this process three times daily until your skin tag is faded away. It is very important to remember that cider vinegar can cause some itching because of its acidic so you need to dilute vinegar with water before this applying treatment to reduce those effects.

3. Garlic
Like tea tree oil, fresh garlic also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help to dry out your skin tags effectively. All you need is four garlic cloves, then press these in a paste and cover directly  the paste to your skin. Besides, you can put a bandage on to hold this in place. And it is recommended to continue this treatment before going to bed and wash the skin with clean water in the next morning. Do not practice this treatment more than 3 nights because the repeated use of garlic can burn your sensitive skin. Another method you can apply is to take a garlic clove and cut into slides. Place these slides on top of your skin tags then secure with bandages. For best results, you should apply this in the morning and remove the slides and bandages in the evening and your skin tags will fall off within the week.

4. Apply pineapple juice
You can cut a fresh pineapple juice or just simply buy a can of pineapple juice at the store and squeeze out the juice. Take one cotton ball and dip it into the juice then apply this ball to your skin tags and surrounding area. One more thing is that you can repeat this method three times per day and after one week; you can notice your skin tags start to disappear. The effective of this method also depends much on how your skin reacts to the acidic of pineapple juice.

5. Apply lemon juice
Lemon juice is considered as a powerful treatment because of its package of antiseptic which has acitric acid. This type of acid helps the skin tags dry out quickly by decaying the cells. All you need to prepare are one lemon and a little cotton ball. Firstly, cut fresh lemon, then squeeze it into a bowl. Then drop lemon juice onto one cotton ball andrubit directly over your skin tags and keep it on without rinsing it off. You totally can practice this method up for about thrice per day as well as repeat the treatment until all the skin tags fall off. You should better know that this treatment is only effective for numerous applications.

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