Why Toolwale don’t take Funding or Investors?

Why Toolwale don’t take Funding or Investors?
If we talk about investors, a taught and organized venture arrangement forestalls enthusiastic contributing which can be identified with incautious buying. This variable can be used to neutralize the slants of a commercial centre, which is regularly intelligent of the passionate condition of a population. Transient movement in stock costs or the more extensive markets can much of the time be contrasted with rash activities.

Toolwale.com India’s no.1 online industrial tools store, we don’t have any investor we are one seller one portal. The reasons behind not having any investors are our trustable consumers because they cannot get best discounts. The investors or third party will impose their numbers of execution that will lead to big problems and the retails & consumers won’t get best benefits. 

An investor will fundamentally invest money in the business in trusts getting profits for his/her venture. In case the entrepreneur will bear the misfortunes then also the investor get great profits for their speculation. Toolwale is that online tools portal who believes in no loses no profit productivity. 

Toolwale Benefits 
We have 4000+ trustable consumers Godrej, Hyundai, War Corp Hyundai, Bel (Bharat electronics limited), Thomas Press and many more. There are no hidden charges when you make a purchase with ToolWale.com. The prices listed for all the products are final and all-inclusive. The entire price you see on the product displayed page is exactly what you to pay. We provide discounts on real price list offered by the approved brand price list that’s why Toolwale say “Real Price Real Discount”. 

We started with the ground level business and then online business just because to make trustable clients before starting online portal. The initial year was 2010 and by the end of 2012, Toolwale converted to toolwale.com and became online live portal. In Noida region we own the largest business in distributors and dealers. 

We own distributorship of further brands for which we get best bulk discounts to our consumers- John Oakeys, Stanley Black & Decker, in abrasives Saint Gobain (Norton), Orient and Carborundum, SKF Tools, Bando Power, Premier Tools, LPS Nut Bolts, Freemans, Matco Tools, Castro and many more brands.

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  1. Truly said
    "Investments can multiply the worth of a company but entrepreneurs can provide genuine discounts while maintaining a check on the losses and keep the books in healthy condition. With no pressure of the investment this business model increase the worth exponentially at a later stage"
    Same is evident and achievable by having strong customer base.
    Welcome to the ecommerce family.
    Good luck Toolwale


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