A Few Steps to Follow to Restore Your Hair

Medical Science has invented some effective hair loss treatments which not only restore hair but also initiate new hair growth that cures baldness permanently. This blog delineates the causes of hair loss and how can you prevent hair fall. Keep reading. 

People tend to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair regularly which is normal since it is a part of hair growth cycle. However if you notice tremendous hair fall, it is certainly a serious concern. These days, many people suffer from hair problems. The reasons can be many such as pollution, stress, application of hair colors and dyes, hormonal imbalance, side effects of any medicine or any disease.

Your hair problems will get triggered if you do not take care of your hair properly. Following are few things you need to take into account in order to stop such issues.

Change Your Shampoo:

Harmful chemicals present in your shampoo can damage your hair. You hair might be sensitive to the

shampoo you are using and this may result into severe hair fall. It is always better to use shampoos which have less chemical components and are mild in nature. You can even lessen the intensity of the chemical content by diluting the shampoo with water before use.


Don’t Apply Hot Blowers:

Avoid using hair dryers and flat irons as it damages the texture of hair and cause breakage.Do not comb or tie your hair when wet. It is better to let your hair get dry in natural air rather than hot blowers. 

Never Use Hair Dyes or Colors:

Hair dyes and colors contain ammonia which is mainly responsible for causing hair damage.

Take Care of Your Diet:

Start eating healthy. Include as much as omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.
Include salmon and mackerel in your regular diet these are rich in omega- 3 fatty acid. Eat a bowl full of green salads or cereals with freshly ground flaxseed sprinkled over them. Also drink lots of water to keep your body fit and healthy.


Avoid Stress:

Stress is considered as one of the biggest factor of hair loss. Try to avoid stress in life by practicing yoga and meditation regularly. However remember to practice yoga under experienced trainers.

Latest Treatments for Hair Problems:

With the advancement of medical technologies, many treatments have emerged which can restore hair and bring natural hair growth even on bald scalps. The doctors start their treatments only after complete diagnosis to find out the cause of such problems. There are both surgical as well as non surgical ways to stop such problems. For severe cases, surgical options might be the only solutions available.

Hair transplantation has emerged as one of the widely accepted and medically approved treatment method which is highly in demand. Hair transplant surgeries are performed by removing follicles from donor area and are carefully placed into the bald zone. Once the surgery is successfully performed, natural hair grows that cover bald spots and stays permanently.

If you are suffering from such ailments, look out for best clinics offering hair loss treatments at cost effective rates..

About the Author - Shipra writes for www.dhiindia.com, a leading company for Hair Restoration surgery treatment in India.

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