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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The trance and enticement of a beautiful appearance is definitely unparalleled in every possible way! Even in the modern world with all of the active feminine rights movements and liberalization regimes, still there are many cases of different kind of oppression and gender discrimination that make the headlines! A flawless appearance combined with a scintillating personality has always been the prime weapon for women in most parts of the world which has guided them to twist the soft spots and make their way into the hearts of the men in their lives so to secure a dominant position and worthy outlooks! We bring you the most trendy make – up methods, the essentials about hair touch – ups and all the other fabulous tips and techniques for a complete and alluring makeover through our ultimate list of the Top – Notch 50 Indian Beauty Blogs! If you love to put make – up on or style your hair in the trendiest manner than these blogs have the complete ability to broaden your horizons with immense creativity and great styles! We have furnished this list of the Top 50 Indian beauty blogs with great expertise to bring you with the latest mechanisms floating around in the world of beauty though you might be already familiar with some of these or they have come across you when you were surfing for the best styling tips but still, presently, they are the best fit to make it to the top 50! Following is the list of the top – most 50 Indian Beauty blogs:

Sr No.




1 202,894 10,343
2 79,886 1,665
3 196,796 121,345
4 9,449 503
5 267 95
6 —– 11,538
7 1,398 —–
8 1,542 590
9 4,951 609
10 7,907 2,428
11 3,632 1,809
12 3,203 —–
13 318 17
14 285 391
15 109,343 7,735
16 4,121 1,531
17 2,415 2,382
18 21,114 2,789
19 2,519 703
20 —– 3
21 4,698 77
22 2,222 2,186
23 1,409 378
24 4,501 272
25 5,772 171
26 460 167
27 3,686 484
28 966 16
29 1,794 687
30 2,468 732
31 863 192
32 3,003 2,054
33 1,550 —–
34 4,375 11
35 11,190 —–
36 8,685 4,561
37 —– 465
38 166 38
39 2,967 102
40 3,114 58
41 62 108
42 5,656 848
43 123 787
44 3,947 140
45 997 179
46 1,579 902
47 5,600 —–
48 —– 138
49 3,449 —–
50 11,085 —–

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hairstylists and beauticians are artists with great passion for creativity. They can change your looks and create a different impression by using their skills. Salon visits can boost your mood too. They are wonderful spots for gossips and to make new friends. Hair and skin need proper care and grooming to make you look great. So, visiting a beauty parlour is the best thing you can do to lay back and relax. Our skin and hair and nails need proper grooming and care as they may have different complexities. It is beneficial if those complexities are taken care of at an early stage.

A salon provides beauty care and grooming solutions from head to toe. Salons in Delhi provide top-notch beauty care services. Delhi is home to some of the best salons in India. They have latest furniture, equipment and facilities. The beauticians at beauty salons in Delhi are trained and stay updated with the latest trends and procedures.

The major problem that most people face while going for regular salon session is the high prices of the services. However, you can find beauty salon offers in Delhi to keep your expenses at a limit. You don’t have to go from salon to salon enquiring about offers. All you need to do is make a quick online search. An online deal portal like mydala lists the best deals and offers for beauty salons in Delhi. You can get discounts and save your money with these salon offers. One more way is to go for a membership option. Do this only if you love the services of the salon. You can get discounts by getting membership for the salon.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Man is only as good as the Beard that wears him”
Keeping a beard has been a resurgent fashion statement  just like how tight pants and suspenders has made a comeback for women. Beards – The oldest way of saying “My genetics are better than yours” and not to mention a well maintained beard can open minds and hearts of that pretty lady you’re trying to woo. Here’s a guided infographic on the best beard suited for your face type. Remember, You don’t choose the Beard, the Beard chooses you.

Find out which beard suits your face and follow these general guidelines for basic facial hair sculpting.

Got your pick for the best bush that suits your facial structure?
Now grow a legendary one and use these discount coupons from mydala to style and maintain your beard.

Infographic SourceHere

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Are you considering a new hairdo inspired by your favorite celebrity’s latest hairstyle? Wait, because that might end up in a disaster. Everyone has different face types and you probably have a different face type. While sporting a new hairstyle or while buying a pair of sunglasses, if you understand about your face type, then you can make the best out of your look. Most women fail to understand the shape of their face and end up in getting a contrasting or less friendly hairstyle. It is necessary to understand the face type before going for a makeover. A hairstyle matching with face shape will boost your looks. Most beauty parlours have expert stylists who are experienced enough to suggest you the right style.

Face Types
Beauty and aesthetic specialists have different views about the face shapes. Hairstyles can add a flattering look based on your personality and face shape.

Hair Style on Face

Oval Face Shapes
Any shape and style can be worn while the main thing to consider is the thing that piece of your face you need to concentrate on. There is adaptability of configuration and styles.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Try not to pick hairstyles that hang in your face or eyes or spread your face shape.

Longer hairstyles and ones that are kept near to the cheeks will look better.
Center parts are extraordinary for making the dream of tight length.
No blasts are the perfect as the center point turns into the scaffold of the nose, making a more oval shape. Beauty salons often have software to match hairstyles.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Hairstyles that include volume through the sides, for example, chin length bounce trims, straight or kicking out in outline. Side parts and substantial straight crosswise over blasts make a more extensive shorter shape and consequently ought to be dodged no matter what on hairstyles with no tallness.

Wispy forward falling hair onto your face will diminish your jaw line. Wearing blasts cleared over to the other side will make corner to corner development to minimize square shapes. Short to medium length hair will likewise suit you, particularly if the style is adjusted fit as a fiddle or has wispy closures. Styles with stature at the crown will likewise work to support you.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Dodge gruff sways, particularly sitting at chin length with straight substantial blasts as this will emphasize your jaw line and squareness. Ask the hairstylist at the beauty parlour for advice about styles according to the variation of your face.

Heart Shaped
Any textured chin-length hairstyles will suit best. On the off chance that blasts are needed verify that they are side-cleared blasts not straight crosswise over as obtuse cut blasts will just make your face shape shorter and more extensive. Medium length cuts with wispy layers that kick out will likewise work extremely well.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Short, full hairstyles like slicked back looks that accentuate your upper face.

Layered hairstyles will help adjust and diminish your unmistakable jaw line. Styles with layers that decrease at the jaw line can likewise be complimenting.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Shorter is by and large superior to anything longer. Evade any hairstyle which will attract too much thoughtfulness regarding your chin territory, for example, straight strong sway trims.

Hairstyles that include width at the chin zone, for example, chin length bounce trims or mid length wispy kicked out looks. Styles that tuck in behind the ears additionally function admirably to hotshot a grand cheek bone structure.

Hairstyles to Avoid
Attempt and evade short hairstyles with tallness on top, especially ones without blasts.
Evade styles that leave no hair on the neck region or the chin zone.

It is best advised to consult with a skilled and experienced hairstylist to land in your perfect looks. Visit a beauty parlour or salon with experienced stylist.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Food play an important role to get healthy and shiny hair and also help to restict hair loss so that you can be more confident and look beautiful.

Below are some foods -

1. Eggs, Fish and Beans – As we all know that hair is primarily made of protein so we should take such types of food that are high in protein.

2. RaisinsIron play a vital role in producing haemoglobin, a part of blood carries the oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. Raisins give your body the Iron which maintain the healthy rate of haemoglobin the results of this is your scalp get good flow of blood which is a key factor of regular hair growth.

3. Sea Foods – A study says that in men a lack of zinc can be a factor of hair loss. Zinc plays an important role in cell reproduction which grant hormonal balance to body. Zinc also control the glands which is connected to the hair follicles. So we have to maintain a proper ratio of zinc in our body, sea foods are full of zinc but one thing we have to keep in mind while having the sea food that too much zinc can also leads to hair fall.

4. Sweet Potatoes – The growth of hair and tissues is managed by vitamin A Potato's have large amount of beta-carotene’s which latterly converted into vitamin A by human body.

Natural herb are also very helpful in hair loss prevention because natural herbal rinses are nourishing for the scalp.

Below are some Herbs -

1. Aloe-Vera – Aloe-Vera is very much helpful in hair growth. Apply aloe-Vera gel on your scalp and leave it for 1.5 to 2 hours then rinse it. It will surely helpful in controlling hair fall and also enhance the  hair growth.

2. Rosemary – it activates the follicles which encourage new hair to regrow. The use of rosemary oil on your scalp can help you to avoid hair fall.

3. Henna Powder – This is very popular in India for it's natural values. Henna powder help by sixing and sealing the cuticle, which protect hair against hair loss and damage of shine. People use this in India for dandruff treatment.

4. Neem - It has anti-bacteria properties that are helpful in dandruff-prone scalp. It is also helpful in stimulating the blood circulation on the scalp. The oil of neem is helpful in premature greying and thinning hair as well. 

5. Green Tea - This is helpful in hair loss prevention and weight loss as well.


We also need to change our lifestyle a little in order to prevent hair loss.

Below are some Lifestyle Changes Tips -

Avoid Junk food – Aside from causing different problems like diabetes and heart disease,these foods create chemical imbalance in body which impair hair regrowth. Avoiding these junk food all of a sudden is not easy for a person who is very much use to it but you have to take a strict action against junk food for your hair.

Massage your Scalp – You should give a hot oil massage to your scalp for at least 1 hour. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, or amla oil for the same.

General Hair Care – You should avoid hot water baths when washing hair. Another thing you should keep in mind is not to comb the hair right after the bath. You should also avoid to indulging in various hair styling. 

Try Yoga meditation activities – These activities are capable in managing your stress as we all know that stress can also be responsible for hair loss.

Avoid over Washing – We need washing of hair to get rid of pollution and dirt but we should avoid over washing as it may take away the natural oils and damage your hair.

Shampoo – you should choose the suitable shampoo which helps your hair become stronger and shinier. Continuous change of shampoo may also cause of hair loss.