The Evolution of Online Deals and Coupons

A coupon is a document or ticket that can be used to get a financial discount or rebate while buying a product. Discount Coupons have been a well-known mode to save while purchasing products. They are extensively used as a marketing tool for the promotion of products and services. The first phenomenal use of this marketing tool was made by Coca-Cola in the year 1888 to promote their drink. This coupon could be used to have a free glass of Coca-Cola from any of its dispenser. Globally consumers save billions of dollars by using them. It is one of the best ways for companies to attract new customers and to promote their products.

The Source of Coupons
Study reveals 96% consumers have used discount coupons at least once in a life time. It is the driving force behind the excess sales of merchandises worth billions throughout the world. The top sources are:

Direct Mail
Magazine Pop-up
Instant Redeemable
Electronic Checkout
Free-standing Insert
Digital Promotions
In Store Advertisement

Internet has made it easy to find and redeem online coupons and nearly one third of the internet users use them.

Online Deals and Coupons

Companies have realized that coupons and deals are one of the most efficient and fruitful ways to promote a product and creating a new user base. They have the ability to convert suspecting customers into buyers. They can enable you to get decent discounts and other incentives like free shipping and cash backs. Online deals on the other hand are based on group buying principle. The deals can be bought from deal aggregator portals. Many deal portals have become profitable because of their stellar money saving prospects. Deals can be used for saving money on a wide variety of services and products. You might have heard about popular Indian deal sites like mydala, groupon, coupondunia etc.

The e-commerce industry is fiercely competitive and online coupons work as a major influencer when it comes to buying decision. The online deal and coupon sphere is getting interesting and wider with broad internet penetration and larger number of smart phone users.

Where to find online Coupons and Deals?

mydala online deals

Here are some of the popular places where you can find discount coupons and deals.

Websites and Mobile Apps
As the concept of coupons became popular, websites have come up with the sole purpose to provide free vouchers and promo codes to users under a common roof. The online coupons from these portals are easy to use and redeem. Mobile apps are gaining popularity and more users are installing apps to use them on the go. There are many apps that provide excellent services. There is a huge potential of savings by using apps.

Social Media

Online Social Media deals

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are hottest place to find the popular coupons. Companies know the value of social media as a marketing tool and most of them offer updates about the latest coupons and online deals. Share the information about coupons you know and people will start sharing there’s with you.

Store website
You will find options like online deals, vouchers and offers on the official websites of the company. Subscribe for the company’s email for updates about the latest deals and offers.

Shopping forums are a great place where coupon enthusiast share the latest online coupons, so visit them and you will find some great coupons for sure.

Millions of people around the world save billions of cash by using this useful piece of marketing tool. The printable coupons should be clipped and used strategically for maximum profitability. Use social media to follow the people who are well known for sharing valuable updates about them. 80% consumers admit that they feel smarter by saving money using coupons. Online coupons are after all a smart way to make shopping pocket friendly. The scenario is bound to get better with more consumer centric marketing strategies, where coupons and online deals play a big role.

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