Top 4 jobs in Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is a good field for career prospective many outstanding opportunities are there to grab. In order to catch the opportunities available in banking one have to get himself/herself certified in banking and finance. To make your interest in banking and finance field I am sharing 4 highest earning positions in banking and finance-

  1. Financial analysts – A person who is responsible for financial analysis for external or internal clients. He also helps people in investing their money.
      Average salary: $58,205/year

     2. Personal financial advisers – A Person who give helps to people related to investments, taxes, and insurance decisions.
           Average salary: $66,405/year

    3. Accountants – A person who perform functions like audits or financial statement analysis.
           Average salary: $43,215/year

     4. Auditors - A person whose work is evaluate the accuracy od business records. or in other words we can     say that an auditor is a person who specializes in examining and verifying a set of financial statements by reference to evidence (physical, oral, documentary, etc)
          Average salary: $57,365/year

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